About Us

Our company has engaged in the manufacturing of prosthetic eyes since 1977 and serving as a family-owned company under the name of Okuler Protez Goz Merkezi (Ocular Prosthetic Eye Center) since 1993 in Istanbul.

The top priority of our center is the patient satisfaction.

It is our greatest effort that our patients leave our center as happy people who think themselves special, do not turn their eyes away when talking with people and feel happy about the life.

Every stage of the prosthesis is implemented by specialised staff.

Our center serves in Capa / Istanbul and does not have any other branches...

Our prostheses


Our prosthesis is custom-made and manufactured according to the measurements taken personally on the patient.

It takes 4 sessions to prepare the prosthesis. In these sessions, the patient is required to visit our center.

The patient will not have a cross eye because we work directly with the patient for the line of sight.

The preparation of the prosthesis by taking the measurement properly minimizes the eye crusting that may occur in the patient's eye. This is because the custom-made prostheses fit perfectly to the eye socket. The less air gap between the eye socket and the prosthesis, the less eye crusting you get on your prosthesis.

Since the color of the prosthetic eye is prepared precisely by checking the patient's good eye, the color matching is nearly perfect. Because the sclera of each human eye (the white part of the eye) has a different color, the white parts of the prosthesis are also painted in full conformity with the good eye and the prosthesis is vascularized according to the density of the veins, in order to achieve a complete colour matching.


In addition, all movements in the muscles inside the eye socket are reflected in our prosthesis depending on the measurement and the defects on the eyelid are eliminated.

Our patients are not required to remove their prosthesis daily. Our advice is to remove them for cleaning once a month.

If a patient, who has previously used glass prosthetic eye, has no problem with the eyelids, then he/she will not have to undergo a surgical operation to use our prosthesis.

Our prosthesis is made of methyl methacrylate and is not fragile.