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** Hi, first of all, I would like to thank Mr. Fahri and his family for their great efforts and attentions. They were fantastic. Endless thanks to the family of Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye). I have been so satisfied with the prosthetic eye I had around 1 year ago that nobody except for my family can tell the difference in my eyes. It is so nice to know that there are a such fantastic people doing their work towards the well-being and happiness of the people. My only advice to those having a problem with their eyes will be the family of Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye). So glad to know you...

** I have known Mr. Fahri and his family for over ten years now and I am really satisfied with the prosthesis. I do not know a single person who is not happy with his/her custom made prosthetic eye. In particular, I would like to thank Mrs. Hafize very much. I really appreciate the great efforts of the family of Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye); they produce both aesthetical and comfortable products. And also psychologically, You get the feeling that you are in safe hands as soon as you enter the centre. Especially, I would like to thank them for behaving us not as a customer but rather like their sons and daughters and sometimes for their brothers and sisters. I honestly respect them for their great hospitality. No one but my family can tell that my eye is a prosthesis. I like to thank Mr. Fahri and his family. Thanks for everything. 

** I lost one of my eyes in an accident I had when I was 2 years old. I lived like this until 2013. I had my first prosthesis at a different place in 2013 but, I came across Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye) on the net and I decided to have a new one. I read the comments of the people who previously had prosthetic eyes at that centre. I saw that everybody was happy. I visited Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye) centre; Mr. Fahri is truly a specialist and master of his profession. They work very meticulously on the eye, from the colour of pupils, the look and repletion of the eye lid. Over time, they enlarge the size of the prosthesis which is already made and in this way, they follow up the manufactured prostheses. I'm very pleased with the prosthesis, too. Everybody who come to ocular prosthesis centre leaves very happy and satisfied. I am grateful to Mr. Fahri, the master and his family. Lucky to have met you.

** I don’t know where to start, but the only thing I know is Mr. Fahri and Mrs. Hafize. This is my second eye replacement and it feels and looks epic as usual; I mean, the only address you can go is  Okuler protez goz (Ocular prosthetic eye), that’s it. No more words. They are truly specialists and professional. 
I love you, Mr. Fahri and Mrs. Hafize. So nice to meet you.

 ** Hi, I am Cengiz. Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Fahri and his wife Mrs. Hafize. They are making excellent prostheses and they work devotedly as their first priority is customer satisfaction. They produce such perfect prostheses that no one can distinguish them from the natural ones, as the harmony of colours and look of the eye is so realistic. I really appreciate their great work. I wish them a lifelong happiness. The only address for prosthesis, even I sometimes forget I am wearing the prosthesis.

 **Hi everyone, I have been using prosthesis for 20 years, I had never been satisfied with it for so many years. I like to thank very much to Mr. Fahri and his wife. Today, they inserted my prosthesis. I was so satisfied with it and I felt so happy. I strongly recommend everyone willing to get a prosthesis done. You can visit the centre with no suspicion or hesitation, and get your prosthetic eye here hassle-free. They are doing a very good, hand-made products; thanks for their good work. God bless them and their children. They are involved in this business, too.

** Hi guys, I'm Caglar Akkaya from Malatya. I received a treatment at Okuler protez goz centre (Ocular prosthetic eye centre) on 12/04/2017 and I used to have a problem in my eye for around 6 years and after I met with Mr. Fahri and his family, everything changed; the prosthesis they made for me made me so happy to feel positively for the life again. I really and truly appreciate Okuler protez goz centre (Ocular prosthetic eye centre) for their great efforts and close attention. And I would like you to believe that this is something you will never regret having done. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. The only address of quality is Okuler protez goz centre (Ocular prosthetic eye centre). Again, I would like to express my endless thanks. God bless you all.