Features of Prostheses

Features of Prostheses

It is ensured that the prosthesis is in good contact with the eye ball, by taking the measurement around the orbit. As a result of this contact, the full movement of the muscles in the eye will be reflected on the prosthesis and therefore the irritation will disappear.

Over time, a fully moveable prosthesis, which can become a tissue of the body, can be made for patients who previously had an implant...


Painting the iris:

The prosthetic eye is painted in a way it looks the same as the other eye, by working directly with the patient. 

Also the sclera is painted and vascularized in a way that it will look as the same as the other eye by working directly with the patient. Double-layer prosthesis is manufactured for patients who had a evisceration surgery.

The prosthesis is applied to restore the esthetical look on the patients who lost their eyesight, has a contracted eye, and has no functional eye.

Features of Prosthesis:

  • Since the polymerization occur thoroughly and the prosthesis touches the orbit completely; no eye crusting is seen in the eye.
  • As a result of homogeneous operation, initial electronic curing (firing) followed by secondary curing with pressurized air, prostheses maintain their Robust, Bright and Vivid appearance for life.
  • The prosthesis is made of acrylic and is not fragile. The prosthesis can be enlarged with additional extensions, if required.
  • The appearance of the prosthetic eye is so aesthetic and natural that no one can distinguish them from the natural eye.
  • Once inserted, it can be worn for life, without having to remove at all.

Technical Warranty: 

Not fragile. 
100% colour matching 
Medical acrylic material is used, which is non-allergic and non-toxic.